Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Change of Seasons - Change of Patterns

Fall is creeping up upon those who reside in the Northern Hemisphere. The evidence of shorter days are visually apparent to me as I have been walking my dog about 8:00 pm each night most of the summer season.

Now, with the approach of fall, I have begun to readjust and start my daily dog walking earlier in the evening.

My dog evidently runs his own days with the passing of light. He wants to be fed earlier in the evening and therefore desires to start his walk after he has been fed. He has also been sleeping in later. He doesn't always get up when I begin my day, but strolls into the kitchen later as if to say "Hey you're up too early. This doesn't make sense".

For those in the Southern Hemisphere, I am sure you are enjoying the expanding hours of daily sunlight and the warming weather.

Let's not forget to observe and celebrate the seasons and the change of patterns that come from them.