Friday, December 30, 2016

Changes and Challenges

Now is a great time to review the 2016 calendar and see the progress you have made in life's transitions, challenges and changes.

What have you accomplished?

What is on track in your life?

What is new and a positive addition to your life that you did not see or imagine last year?

Take some time to do this exercise so you can be aware of your accomplishments. You may want to consider creating an accomplishment journal. This is a great tool to see your life's transitions and changes.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

When Other Things Get In The Way

Where has the time gone? Time goes quickly if you do not pay attention or get distracted with other things.

I am back after a long blogging hiatus. Ready, refreshed and renewed.

My life has had many major transitions since my last blog post.

Caretaking of Parent
Passing of parent
Carekaking of ill and aged dog
Passing of Dog
Planned Remodeling
Unexpected Remodeling  (roof repair and replacement)
Big Events
Unexpected Travel

I finished out my Executor position with my Father's Estate in the Spring of 2014.  My father had passed in March of 2013 after many years of health issues of which I was primary caretaker upon his many hospitializaions. In early May 2014,  I went on a short trip and "tripped" and broke my shoulder. Summer of 2014 was spent doing physical therapy. In the summer of 2014 we began house hunting again and our beloved pet Bucky was beginning his decline in health. In September our beloved Bucky, Norwich Terrier, passed at the age of 15.

In October 2014 we purchased our new home and I began an intensive remodeling project, serving as general contractor for the project which included wallpaper removal,  wood flooring installation, sanding and refinishing.  In addition to having the whole interior house painted, some drywall installation in the garage, a whole house painting of the interior, electrical work and some tile repair work.  We moved into the house 2 days before Thanksgiving. About two weeks later we had a major roof leak and were expecting five houseguests for the holidays. Two days before the guest arrived we had a second leak.

January and February 2015 was spent supervising contracted repairs in the Study as the ceiling had to be replaced as well as exterior house repainting and deck repair.  In late January we had a new roof installed. March was vacation time and my husband and I took off for a much need break on a cruise. April and May saw me working on a kitchen stovetop changeout and new kitchen fan installation project.

May involved traveling to a family graduation, then June started party preparations for a friends's big birthday and our first Fourth of July Party Blowout. August involved a cross country road trip and family and friends reunion.

September and October 2015 brought some health issues and November another cruise. December was spent getting ready for the holidays and subsequent houseguests.
So that brings us to now - January 2016.

All this confirms my thoughts that big transitions take time and that some things just take time to get through.

Comments Welcome.