Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beyond the Goal

What happens when you reach your goal? While many Transition Your Life readers may not see the end or their destination at hand, I think discussing how one faces or handles this is of some importance.

When you reach your goal,  this is definitely when we need to first celebrate and savor in the moment of glory. This is something we should not miss.

Secondly, we need to appreciate what we or others did to help make the goal achievable. Very few journeys are journeys of one.  Sometimes upon reflection we realize others helped shape us and made contributions in ways we could not imagine. This might be the high school teacher, the motivational speaker, the neighbor down the road who always gave you a smile.

Thirdly , once the momentum of arrival and completion has slowed, I believe we need to ask ourselves some questions relating to the accomplishment of the goal. Making an immediate evaluation of what we have done has some value, but when the goal or achievement is monumental, I think taking a few weeks to ponder this might be the best choice.

Reaching your goal is a achievement which takes lots of effort and stamina. Give yourself some congratulations and savor your success.

This is a slightly revised best of post from 2010.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Being Your Own Best Friend

This is a post repeated from last September 27, 2007 - but is well worth rereading any time your life gets hectic.

You can be your own best friend by:

Taking care of your mental, emotional and basic physical needs

Taking time out for yourself when you need it

Removing and extracting yourself from stress and overload

Being able to say no when you have had enough

Treating yourself as well as you treat others

Work on improving who you are on a daily basis

Asking for help and support from other friends when you need it

Being patient with yourself

Monday, March 14, 2011

When Life Gets Hectic

There are certain times when life get hectic. This can be at the start of a change in your life, such as the birth of a new baby, during the course of planning or hosting a big family or work event (wedding, reunion), the moving of your household or office, serious illness of a loved one,change of a job or new employment, an intentional or unintentional remodel of your home, shopping for a big ticket item such as a car, a school or college.

1. Cut out the Extra.
During these specific "hectic" times it helps to work on reducing existing commitments, cutting back on stressful activities and saying no to new options that don't fit in. You can help reduce your stress by being observant and selective in your activities and events.

2. Enlist Help
Don't go it alone if you don't have too. Look for help in a variety of areas. This can be from friends, family members or specific "field" professionals.

3. Make sure You have Some Fun.
One important item, often overlooked, is to add in some fun or pleasurable items daily to help reduce the added tension.

4. Take Care of You 
Getting enough sleep and eating healthy is also a big  must. Exercise is also important, especially if your hectic occasion changes your routine.

By being aware of these four items you can help reduce your stress and make this period of your life easier.

Do you have any other ideas?

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Two Sides of Tears - Loss and Achievement

Have you ever stopped to wonder about tears? We can have tears of sorrow and tears of joy. When you experience someone’s tears did you ever stop to think you could be the cause of them in a positive or negative sense?

This quote by Suresh Advaithas expresses it very well.

The biggest loss in life  -  Tears in someone’s eyes because of you.
Biggest achievement in life  - Tears in someone’s eyes for you.

May you bring happy tears to those you know.

This is a best of post from Terry's Thinking, Terry Prince's other blog.