Friday, June 29, 2012

Shallow or Deep End?

Are you in the deep or shallow end of life this year? Are you trying new things (as in being in the deep end ) or staying in the shallows (sticking to the safe part of the pool)? Sometimes we need to take a plunge in to the deep end to make a change.

Taking the plunge or diving into the deep end is hard and puts us out of our comfort zone. However we don't have to do it alone. Having an accountability and transition coach can make the experience a supported one.

Terry Prince provides life and transition coaching.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ahead or Behind?

There are days when we think we are "ahead" and days when we are falling "behind". On the best of days we are right where we are suppose to be.

Here are some strategies to help you: 

When you are Ahead

First, mentally acknowledge yourself for being at the "ahead" stage rather than the "behind" phase. Second, take some time to build in a well earned break. Third, review the elements of your success. Sometimes we have developed new skills that have allowed us to move forward. Glean these as takeaways for the future.

When you are Behind

First take a deep breath, acknowledge where you are. Realize that this will not be forever.Second, spend some time working on strategies. How you might speed up, or move your project along? Sometimes we have to pull out of other unnecessary or less important activities to reach a project goal.Third, seek help. Many times we fall behind because we fail to enlist help. Sometimes that is what we need to move forward.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Owl or Lark?

Are you an owl or a lark? Knowing and accepting your natural tendencies can help you be more productive. Owls are night creatures and larks are those who take advantage of the early day and mornings. We are usually one or the other.

  • Observe who you are - a lark or owl. Accept it and delight in your being. 

  • Work to schedule your activities and tasks around your natural tendencies. Don't create unnecessary work for yourself by planning against your nature. 

  • Understand and acknowledge the owl or lark tendencies of your friends and family members. Don't expect deep conversation from an owl early in the day, or late night discussions with a lark later in the day. Accept the morning or evening tendencies of your friends, co-workers and family. Learn to work with them by their style instead of trying to make them someone they are not.

By working with your true nature as well as others, you will be more incline to be the productive and accepting person you want to be.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

A Short Desk Vacation

Here are some escapes for you to try. Think of these as a desk vacation.  This first video is a nice colorful escape. Look for the action to begin at about the 38 second mark.

Extreme Sticky Note Experiments

For some of the previous escapes I've featured - here are some fun links:

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