Sunday, November 4, 2007

Resting Versus Waiting

A few years ago I had the opportunity to travel to Sweden for a vacation. It was while traveling I came to study and examine my attitude regarding Resting vs. Waiting. At the beginning of my odyssey of travel I was only ...waiting to arrive at the airport, waiting to change planes and waiting to get my luggage off the carousel and to be taxied to the hotel. How much better and productive it was when I started my official resting phase.

Resting is Productive

I was resting when I sat at a city park bench with no other plans other than meeting a few friends for dinner later that day. I was resting when I took the ferry to the fortress on an outlying harbor. While resting I enjoyed the view, the people around me and myself. Conversely when I was waiting I was impatient, bored and restless.

Practice Resting Versus Waiting

Rest is an important skill which, when properly applied reduces stress and rejuvenates the spirit. My trip would have been even more rewarding if I had rested from the beginning instead of actively participating in waiting. I, unfortunately started with an attitude of "when I get there", rather than comprehending the journey is part of the trip.

Your Attitude Determines Your Success

Part of the successful process of resting is the subconscious or conscious decision we make to do an activity. I could have consciously chosen to rest instead of subconsciously making the choice to wait. It is really up to the individual to determine when to rest instead of wait.

Practice Resting Year-Round

It is now my determination to practice a resting attitude year round instead of only on vacations.

Applying this theory I can start resting instead of waiting while standing in line at the office supply store and when expecting a phone call. Only one area of warning, don't do this at traffic lights. Your slight delay due to resting will cause horns to honk and create more aggravation that the desired positive effect.

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