Friday, February 15, 2008

Three Hundred Days at Sea

The 1000 days at sea team are just at 300 days. Three hundred days without touching land that is. For me following this adventure daily is a great break and has given me all types of new insights without leaving my workstation.

For instance; I have become a real fan of Google Earth. I have explored places I had no knowledge before such as Gough Island and Ile de Amsterdam. Since Google Earth allows weather overlays, I have begun to observe weather patterns around the Southern Ocean and am looking out for cyclones forming in the Indian ocean. I've also begun to watch the monsoons off of Australia.

The digital photos on the 1000 days site allow me to view the ocean's various colors, see unfamiliar water birds and learn about the different parts of a 70 foot schooner.

I certainly respect the teamwork this project has involved and althought I would never think to step out of my comfort zone for such a long time I admire the tenacity and spirit of Reid and Sonya.

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