Friday, April 10, 2009

Taxing Times

Sometimes we feel spent around this time of year, especially if we are still working on getting our taxes completed. If you made it to this site, it may mean one of three things:

1) You are putting off completing your taxes
2) You are done with your taxes this year
3) You are looking to do something different next year

Often we repeat the same process every year, by procrastinating and by being on what I'd like to call "auto pilot". Auto pilot makes us unproductive, and because of this we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

Making a change is taking a chance by doing things differently. It starts by turning off our auto pilot. We need to think things through and evaluate things before they become our actions.

Now I may be preaching to the choir if you have already submitted your taxes. However, we all go on auto pilot from time to time. This begs the question, "What would you like to transition in your life?"

Take a moment and send me a comment, let me know how you are doing - Taxes done, taxes not done, taxes or if you are experiencing taxing times.

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