Monday, May 11, 2009

Eking It Out at the End

When we reach the near end of a project or activity, distractions seem to find us. In our eagerness to move on to the next thing, we may lose focus on the current assignment and spend too much time concentrating on the next thing. Staying focused is often hard towards the end.

The reasons we have difficulty are:

1) We want to move on the next project, adventure or assignment. In some fields this is called "short timers syndrome".

2) We know moving on means changing our daily routine or work patterns. We may like our current day and this new upcoming day or life may be hard to imagine.

3) We know moving on will mean new or different relationships with people, places or things.

Some strategies for moving on at the end of a project or assignment are:

Strategy 1 - Stay focused. Think about the present not the future.

Strategy 2 - Enjoy your last days or weeks with your present situation and acknowledge and appreciate the familiar routines and daily patterns.

Strategy 3 - Avoid procrastination activities and bring the best you can to the current work or assignment.

Strategy 4 - Take care of your physical self. Get enough sleep, drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy diet.

If you have just finished eeking it out, what advice or strategies do you have to offer?

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