Monday, July 27, 2009

Transition Your Life - Seniorhood

This is the fifth in the series of posts on transition times. Let's visit the transition periods that often occur in senior adulthood (age 70 - 90).

Transitioning to a smaller home or retirement living
Transitioning to grandchildren and great-grandchildren
Transitioning to loss of a loved one
Transitioning to patriarch or matriarch of family
Transitioning to retirement
Transitioning to part time or volunteer work
Transitioning to evolving spiritual or religious beliefs
Transitioning to a new or chronic health condition
Transitioning to caretaker role for adult child or grandchildren
Transitioning to having married children/grandchildren and in-law relationships
Transitioning to financial gain/financial loss
Transitioning to changing relationships with your children (adult to elderly parent)
Transitioning to common aging conditions (vision and mobility concerns)
Transitioning to family historian
Transitioning to new hobbies and changing interests

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clairesgarden said...

i supose life and feelings are always in transition, its not a thing that i've been acitvely thinking about, but as i see my life style changing and personal outlook changing its perhaps time to stop for a think and write it down, it may look like more sense on paper.

Fred said...

I am not in this age range, but my 94 year mother is, and many of the issues that Terry identifies I am experiencing vicariously through her. The old adage is that "old age is not for sissies". Besides finances and family dynamics of love and trust, the limiting issue is health. Unfortunately, my mother has serious congestive heart problems. But perhaps more important than health is love during these often difficult transitions of the elderly. My mother said in her last letter that she has been blessed with children and a husband who've loved her. That is true; I write her every day and she reciprocates likewise as she lives on the other side of the country. Perhaps love makes all these challenging transitions bearable or positive transitions even more enjoyable.