Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Transitioning to Having Children

One of life's biggest transitions is going from being without a child to having one. Having a child changes many things:

1) No longer is there just "you" to plan for. You have another life to care for and cherish.

2) Having a child often makes you more aware of your mortality.

3) Having a child changes some of your perspectives, outlook and choices

4) No matter how old your child becomes, they are still your child in your heart.

Enjoy parenthood. Realize and accept there will be many challenges and changes in your life.

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Fred said...

Having been a parent for over 30 years to two children, I think the bottom line is that your child knows deep down that you love them and you are acting in their best interest. This will get you through the tempests and conflicts so that perhaps at a later more mature stage you can see better eye to eye. As a former teacher who had students who were in a sense "children", I think the students also knew deep down when you believed in them or not as well. This love will allow true soul-felt forgiveness, that greatest of virtues, almost divine in its scope ("To err is human, to forgive is divine") to flower at the needed time. I have seen family situations where there was no forgiveness all the way to the mutual deaths of parent and child, and all the circumstances seemed so petty and trivial as to preclude forgiveness even when faced with that greatest of spiritual interludes, our deaths from this earthly existence. Thus, deeply felt love and forgiveness should be our bottom lines in our relationship to our children and to our parents.