Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hot or Cold?

When examining your life you can measure your progress towards your goals in a number of ways. Today let's consider using hot and cold. Since we are in the season of neither summer or winter (in any hemisphere) I think we can address this in a temperature model.

Let's think of "hot" as being something you gravitate towards, and "cold" being something you want to leave or escape from.
What do you have going on that you feel "hot" about? Conversely what do you feel "cool" about? By gauging your temperature towards an activity or event you may make choices that move you closer towards your future goals.   

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Fred said...

Terry has a good simile of hot and cold; if our activity is "hot", then it flows, but if it's cold we stagnate and make little progress.

I think the key is to look at your "burner", if you imagine the situation as being on the stove of your life. Many times I've been involved with something about which I felt coldness, including my present activity. The only way I can warm the activity and "turn up the burner" is to reframe the activity in a way that makes "sense to me" or somehow changes the perspective so that it is more in harmony with my own inner psyche. By approaching it and "doing it my way" (as Frank Sinatra used to sing), I can at least start making some progress and find some incipient intrinsic enjoyment in the activity. If the activity persists in remaining cold, maybe it's time to empty the pot, wash and try something new on the stove!