Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reflecting on a Year Passing

If you had to create an annual report for your past year, what would you include as completions or progress on projects?

For the past 5 years, graphic designer Nicholas Felton  has been creating an annual report listing his accomplishments and statistics.

What would you like to track in your life in 2011? Here are some statistics from my current year.

States visited other than state of residence - 6
Nights spent in other than home residence - 29

Books Read
At least 90. 15 of which were reread books.

Movies Attended in Movie Theater

Donation Trips to Goodwill Express  (personal)

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Fred said...

I think Terry has a great idea here, but in my mind it needs to be individualized to make sense for your situation, and to not try and compare yourself to someone else. For example, those of who are in a weight loss program like TOPS or Weight Watchers track our weight, and it would be good to know how many weeks we gained over the year and how many we lost. Hopefully in the following years we would even do better, but in that way we are competing with ourselves. (E.g., The number of books Terry has read is so impressive that I could never hope to equal it, but then that is the danger of making comparisons). For books, for me it might me how many did I review for a website? I have a friend who is an author and for whom I am way behind on reviewing his books - though I have reviewed several, lately I have not been up to par. Another might be how many new authors did I discover that I truly love. One such author is Sprague de Camp. I have read his "The Glory That Was" 3 times this year! David Hagberg is another such author, such as his thriller, Critical Mass. I reread that one too. So I would emphasize individualizing your tracking to your unique needs.