Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Time to Prune

When we need to make room for something new, pruning out the unnecessary or expired is an important task. 

Having an annual pruning of your workspace is helpful to free up room, clear out the dust and recover empty space. The same applies for our house and living spaces.

What is no longer serving you? What can you prune out of your life to make room for something in the future?

You might search for dust. Dusty things have not been used in a while. You could also look for torn, worn, too small, to big or frayed. If the things in your environment are not in good shape, maybe they need to go.

Pruning allows new growth to begin. So start pruning and get ready for new beginnings and growth.

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Fred said...

Terry is absolutely right that pruning is necessary, but for those who are hoarders, pruning is painful. One way to prune might be drastic by doing something big, such as remodeling different parts of your house. That could mean in some cases just starting over. Then the old associations are gone and one can establish what is the totally new. This is what we did with our kitchen. It was mold infested, so we gutted it, remediated the mold and asbestos, and started the kitchen anew. It resulted in some pruning in other areas, such as getting rid of the huge workbench in the garage since there was no longer room with a wall moved to accomodate the refrigerator. Now we can put more effective storage areas in its place. When the contractor cut up the workbench rather than remove it whole, I felt pain, but I've gotten over it. It's been pruned.