Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Start The Loving Attitude

February is the month for love. Here is a simple idea to transition your life and relationships. 

Start to give your family the gift of your "self" this month. Smile daily, give good morning and good night hugs. Look directly into family members' eyes when you are communicating with them in person. Listen to each family member with a loving heart. Stop the mental rush in your head as well as the physical rush in your heart. This gift starts with your attitude. Practice giving the gift of your "self" this month then give this gift regularly for a lifetime.


Fred said...

I think Terry's post on February 2nd really ties into the one from January 30th. Our attitude can be a really difficult monster to wrestle with, especially when we have a bad one in spite of our better, higher intentions. But we can force ourselves to do these really tiny steps that Terry describes, such as giving selves to others by smiling, or giving good night and good morning salutations and hugs, even if we'd prefer not to based on the attitude at the moment. In that way, we'll take the spiritual "Higher Way" instead of the bad-attitude "Highway". The small stops will build a springboard for a loving cheerful attitude toward our family and others past the month of love, viz. February, into the whole year, as Terry says.

Fred said...

I think that Terry's post from February 2nd really builds on the earlier one from January 30th, and gives valuable insights in helping us overcome the troublesome bad-attitude monster that prevents us from positive interactions despite our better intentions. If we take these small steps that Terry advises to build a more positive, loving attitude, such as smiling, warm salutations and hugs - even when doing so is contrary to our "mood du jour" - then we'll be able to attain a spiritual "Higher Way" and rise above a lower denominator "Highway". As Terry says, this house of positive relationships and attitude, built one hugging or smiling block at a time, will last past February into the rest of the year and beyond.