Thursday, March 29, 2012

Restore Yourself

What do you do to do solo rest and rejuvenate yourself? For me I rejuvenate by reading a book, talking a walk, looking out my windows at nature (be it at the sky or in the tree's). I also work on taking a break - such as going to a cafe for a cup of coffee, or even enjoy taking a  stroll in the produce section of the grocery store.

In my mid twenties, one of my favorite breaks was driving to a country nursery and wondering around the plants and indoor greenhouse. In my college years, I went to the Dewitt Mall and ordered chocolate cake, sitting solo with my thought. On a good weather day I would go up the hill to the Johnson Museum and observe the art on display. If I was short of time I would go to the snack bar on my own campus and order a bagel and cream cheese.

When I worked in New York City in the early 80's, I would, weather permitting, go to the park with the waterfall wall and eat a sandwich at lunchtime. In the rainier or cooler times I would go into the then Citibank atrium and enjoy the chatter of fellow restaurant and cafe patrons and savor a cup of coffee.The reason for me telling these tales is to get you to think about what you do, primarily in solitude, to restore yourself.

These days, I look out my window at the large oak trees and pines that surround the house, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in my favorite chair. I also walk my dog or spend time petting him and watch my cares go away.

So what do you do to restore yourself? Knowing some of the activities you can choose, helps you to select your options.A rest break, short or long,  can bring you energy and revitalize the rest of your day. 

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