Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Conference Craziness

I have recently had the opportunity to view a variety of conferences while staying at a hotel, while my spouse attended an industry conference. While each conference is unique, it is interesting to see the range of differences between them. There are the serious ones, the "gigglers", the big "ah hah" and the "drained and strained ones".

Two recent movies that present conferences or conventions come to mind; Cedar Rapids (2011) and Up In The Air (2009). The first movie depict an insurance association and it's various events over a few days. Up In The Air shows more of a motivational reward "party" session.

Conferences are a great time to catch up with familiar colleagues, as well as make introductions to newcomers and network all around. Regardless of the type of conference you are attending, a smile helps convey energy and interest. Help yourself and others by spreading smiles.  

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