Monday, December 31, 2012


Today I completed my 100 books challenge using Good Reads to record my progress. While I certainly enjoyed the variety of books, I think I will set my challenge for 2013 to be 75 books. I also want to add in about 5 more books from the BBC list.

What are your reading plans for 2013?

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Fred said...

I think that's really great Terry has a set number of books she aims to read. I'm just not that disciplined. I was reading in one of Terry's blogs to smile more, so I think I'll read several of the Freddy the Pig books. They're juvenile books but they are well-written by Walter Brooks -and they'll make you smile or even laugh. I've read one of those this year already. Then if John Grisham comes out with another legal thriller novel, I'll read that. I just read his newest release, the has a most interesting plot. I have a couple of non-fiction books I'm reading, namely This Time I Dance, Tama Kieves?,written by a Harvard-educated lawyer who drops out of the law firm rat race cold turkey and becomes a poet and writer. Then there's the White Hole in Time, about how time seems to be moving faster and faster in these historical spirals. I'm reading a good business book called The Power of Full Engagement by Loehr and Schwartz. Being engaged is something we need in our lackluste organizations and lives. Then I have several novels by Steve Propp that I'm reading, which typically address religion, philosophy and politics. His latest novel is about political movements and has a lot of great discussions about opposing political views. I also want to read Shakespeare's play Richard III since they just found his bones. Those are my plans!