Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Change Takes Time and Involves Lots of People

We have undergone a home remodeling project for the last few months. One of our bathroom's tubs had a sudden leak. This leak damaged the flooring and some drywall.

The project involved several insurance agents, a contractor, plumber, leak detector, water remediator to dry out the floor, dry wall installer/painter, and a flooring company representative and installer. We installed a greener toilet, had new dry wall / paint and had new flooring installed.

It hasn't been easy or fun, but at least it is now done. Well, sort of......

In the spirit of the environment, we put in a low flow toilet which included a possible rebate from our water company. Seems easy enough, right? First I called the friendly operator at our water service provider, then was directed to the program administrator who let us know where to find the rebate form from the site. Upon submission, I was told the rebate process would now be transferred to the local county, even though our city accepted the form. Even though the recent receipt was from a hardware giant I was informed that my new toilet had to be inspected by the program administrator for leaks and flow. I now await my official toilet inspection. It will be fun when it's done.

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