Monday, November 9, 2009

Look Elsewhere

What does looking elsewhere have to do with transition? Sometimes we focus too much on inner selves that we neglect to take a good look at the environment and people around us.

Here is a reminder:

Look at People
Who are the people who make your day special? They can be your family members, friends, neighbors and of course your pets. People can also be the providers of service we routinely count on. By focusing on them instead of our "self" we can change our attitude, learn new things and move forward.   

Look at Places
Take some time to observe where you are. Look at the buildings, trees and sky. Our visual senses can bring us great relief from every day sameness. Look with new "eyes" and really see where you are. 

Look at Things
Spend some time looking at your surroundings with deeper vision. Really look at the mug on your desk. Observe the stapler. Contemplate your phone. When we look with intent we often see things in a brand new light.

Looking elsewhere is one of the ways to make a transition in your thoughts, attitude and  mindset.

Another method is by listening. You may find this previous post about sound helpful. Stillness and Silence.

Let me know how some of these exercises go in transitioning your mind.

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Fred said...

I really love Terry's strategy here of stopping, looking and listening to the people, places and things around you. What I notice when I do this is that my energy reshuffles and refocuses in a much healthier and balanced manner so that I feel more relaxed within. This technique is really valuable for people who are trying to lose weight like myself. Using Terry's approach, we can feel the entirety of our bodies and what its needs are. Most likely it doesn't need something more to eat but rather another wholesome activity that doesn't involve food. What's interesting too is Terry's suggestion of looking at small things. When we truly appreciate life and living in a heightened spiritual sense we are much more likely to notice and enjoy looking at the small things around us whatever it might be, such as the stapler that Terry mentions. This inculcates an attitude of optimism and gratitude for the great gift of being alive. Thanks to Terry for such a wonderfully beneficial worldview!