Saturday, December 26, 2009

Resolutions - More or Less

It is almost the official time of year when we work on setting resolutions.

Here is an easy way to get started on your resolutions for 2010. What can you do more of in 2010? What can you do less of? 

The More

Smile More
Laugh More
Walk More
Drink More Water
Appreciate More
Read More
Write More
Listen More

The Less

Eat Less
Swear Less
Worry Less
Frown Less
Complain Less
Procrastinate Less
Talk Less

Do you want to make more progress in 2010? It may be a perfect time to start working with a transition coach to help you get more from your life in 2010.


Fred said...

What I like about Terry's suggested resolutions is that they are all eminently simple, or as the Germans would say, einfach. For some reason I gravitate to the less column. I think the opposites of listen more and talk less is especially commendable, and probably appreciate more also is a corollary of listen more. Active listening is really a compliment to the speaker who will appreciate your attentiveness so much. Also the list has the advantage of being specific. Notice Terry didn't make up something grandiose, like "hire a personal trainer, exericise on 5 different machines, for a least one hour each day". No, it is simple and specific: "Walk more", "Drink more water", "eat less", "read more" and "smile and laugh more". Little steps in this direction are a prescription for much better mental, spiritual, and physical health; and if we have these, then ironically "financial health" will follow or won't matter so much. Without mental and physical health, immense financial resources are of no avail. Thanks, Terry, for reminding us of these simple and specific virtues!

clairesgarden said...

yes, all of those too! many blessings for 2010!