Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Desk Vacation

Last year, I featured some visual odyssey websites that allow you to take a mini vacation without leaving your desk. I've located some new locations for you to go visit and have listed some of last year's favorites.

First,  get ready to go on your mini vacation and empty your email in box, clear out your voice mails. Tidy the area around your desk and shred any needing to be shredded documents.  These tasks makes you productive although it may take you a while. After you have done these tasks you will certainly be ready to go.

Here are this year's desk vacation locations:

Note - All these are personal essays with wonderful photography that may make you feel you are in the specific location. 

Northern California - Write On Time - Traveling Tuesdays  - trip option to:
Salmon Lake California,
Point Reyes, California 
San Francisco, California

Maine - Maine cottage  from Sesame and Lilies

Virginia - James River, Surrey County  from Haven on Hanover 

Italy - Tuscany Beach Trip  from Villa Pacis

Canada - A trip to Vancouver from Windlost

On the list, last year - but well worth a return trip:

Greece - Santorini from Oia Santorini

Happy Traveling.

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