Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Waiting and Anticipating

Sometimes life means waiting and anticipating. Anticipation affects us within our head, body and heart at the time. We can have negative feelings in regards to upcoming changes and challenges or we can have a positive and motivated outlook. We can also have a blend of all these things.

I recall waiting for our brand new construction house to be completed. We would visit the building site almost daily to see what new components had been started or finished.  I was anticipating the move in process, setting up the house, and having life and living go back to "normal" instead of being in a temporary waiting phase of life.  Even now when I look back those three months (I know we were fortunate...others may have to wait years on home construction projects) seemed like the longest in my entire life.

Waiting takes it's toll, but it is our attitude that makes the difference. We can wait with patience, or wait in anger and frustration. Waiting isn't everything that is going on in our life. We can try to enjoy a portion of our day or time by refocusing on daily pleasures and activities.

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