Monday, December 19, 2011

Look at What is Working in Your Life

When we are in the midst of change, we often think of the future as being the only place we want to be. Try instead to look at the simple things that are working in your life right now. There are almost certainly things that are going well and making your life comfortable and enjoyable. Sometime we have to dig a bit but it is worth taking a look.

Here are some elements we might want to think about:

  • The current season
  • The daily weather
  • A good book to read
  • Water that comes from a faucet
  • A good friend to call
  • A hot meal
  • Lights that turn on at a flip of a switch
  • A place to sleep
  • A toothbrush to clean your teeth
  • The sounds of early morning birds in your neighborhood
  • A pair of comfy socks
  • A piece of paper to write on
  • A computer that allows you to visit the world from your desk

What might you want to add to this list? Think about what makes your daily life enjoyable and comfortable.  By paying attention to what is working in our life, we are more likely to adopt a positive attitude towards our future.

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