Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Practice Year-end Productivity

Get a jump on 2012. Follow these December productivity techniques to wrap up the business year and be ready to roll in 2012. Most of these tasks will individually take less than twenty minutes. So invest the time and get set up to be a more productive you in 2012.

  • Clear out your desk drawer
  • Wipe down your bookshelves in the office
  • Purge any unneeded reference material, seminar binders.
  • Update your credentials to reflect the year
  • Update your contact management system with new contact information or changed addresses
  • Clear unused files and folders off your computer desktop 

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This is Transition Your Life's 150th post. I started this blog in August of 2007 with the goal to write about transition and change. I also started a second blog in 2009 - Terry's Thinking which is designed for coaches, professional organizers and consultants.

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