Thursday, January 5, 2012

Take the First Steps

At the beginning of the new year, resolutions abound. To keep yourself going, ask yourself "What are the first steps I need to take to begin working on my resolution?". Take for example, the resolution of eating healthy in 2012 - Your first step might be to create a weekly menu and post it on your refrigerator. If exercise is going to be one of your resolutions, putting on your exercise shoes at some point in your day will be a first step component each time you start your exercise regime.

Knowing your first steps is important in making a transition. These first steps may be elusive for some resolutions, but take some time to think them out and you will have a key component of making a change.

What are some of your first steps for your resolutions?


Ellen Kazanoff said...

I like your approach! I will try to remember to ask myself that very question the next time I face a challenge.

transitionyourlife said...

thanks, Ellen. I appreciate your comments.