Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Choose Happiness Over Stuff

A special guest post from Going Forward author MoreenTorpy. 


Why is it that as a society, we seem to have tumbled into the mindset that to have an abundance of stuff ensures happiness?

I wonder what other holes in our hearts we’re trying to fill by accumulating more than we really need. Did we lack something as children that we’re trying to compensate for now? Or are we trying to protect ourselves against future lack?

Or, are we thinking we're not "enough" without "stuff"? A wise person said that to not want something is as good as having it. What an amazing concept!

Can we actually be losing ourselves by adding more “stuff” to our lives? Material goods require maintenance which takes time away from important activities such as spending time with our friends and families. Over time, by neglecting what is of real value—people, they're gone because we’ve pushed them away. When acquiring and holding onto "stuff" becomes more important than people, we're in trouble!

Once we realize that abundance does not have to be material possessions, we can appreciate and enjoy what we do have. Health, family, friends, having enough to eat, something to look forward to in life, and much more to be grateful for that bring happiness.

So let’s make room for real happiness in our lives that includes more people and less stuff.

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Moreen Torpy is the De-Clutter Coach, a Trained Professional Organizer, Author, and Speaker. Her new book is Going Forward: Downsizing, Moving and Settling In. See for more about the book including where and how to purchase it. 


kate loving shenk said...

So true that all of the diversions in life bog us down. I would like to get rid of everything and feel the freedom of that. Wonderful.

Moreen Torpy said...

Yes Kate, sometimes it would feel good to leave everything and start over. Downsizing is a bit like this as it allows us to keep the best and let the balance go.