Sunday, August 19, 2007

Visiting Type City

I came across this">site today and was truly mesmerized.

OK after a while the music started to lull me into stasis - (see the Wikipedia science fiction definition I intended, )
but it was a great little "free" trip without packing a bag.

The Type City site is accessed by a very small link at the bottom left. It says start here , I missed it the first time -and when I returned again I did go on the excursion. Don't forget to use your up and down and side to side keys. I suggest letting your fingers do a little musical dance and you will get to explore a wide expanse of work. This is a great way to take a break.

The site, a New York advertising firm, has a wonderful collection of typefaces - one of their specialties. A visit reminded me of advertising and marketing days when you had used letterpress transfer sheets to create posters and signs.

Enjoy the adventure. Warning.....don't let the music get to you! Trust me, it will lull you to sleep, complacency or drive you over the edge.

Other sites to visit if you like info about typefaces and if you like the concept of black and white visit this interesting website

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