Monday, August 24, 2009

Looking at Different

People can be very inventive. Some people have the natural ability to be outside of the box thinkers.

You may enjoy visiting this Museum of Unintended Use blog, developed by a Science Journalist who lives in the Netherlands.

What can you contribute?

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Fred said...

Thanks to Terry for introducing a very ingenious web site on creative uses of objects. Probably when people grew up on farms and were more self-sufficient they had many opportunities to do this! One way I've made a book case is just to buy boards and solid bricks - it's a lot cheaper and easier to build than nailing the boards all together which I've done as well. Objects can also be used for mental exercise. I use license plates for mental exercise by quickly imagining what the typically 3 letters on the plates stand for. For example, if the license is NKZ963, the first thought they pops into my head is New Kites Zigzag. Actually, that used to be license plate and was an easy way to remember it! This is also a good reason to "slow up" so you can let cars pass you and you let mind "speed up" by quickly deciphering what your subconcious says the three letter "acronym" stands for. It's strange how your mind can work and what you come up with!