Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stuck and Stagnant

Life sometimes pulls us into the dismal pond of stagnation.

Stagnation is painful, messy and like quicksand can suck us down into the depths of despair. Stagnation happens to everyone at some point or another. The pond is usually stinky and the time spent in it is not pleasant. Remember it won't be forever, although, it may seem like it at the time.

How can we get out of the pond of stagnation?

1. First, realize we are in the pond!

2. Take stock of the good things going on, despite the mess we are in.

3. Take the focus off ourselves and pay attention to the world for a while. We can do this by reading a book, researching something new, by walking and taking in the scenery.

4. Smile even though we may not want to. Our smiling disposition will likely bring more positive attention to us rather than the continuity in our negative state.

5. Seek out and utilize a variety of help and guidance. This may include reconnecting to our faith, trusted friends and even seeking out the help of professionals.

How have you handled stagnation?

1 comment:

Fred said...

Terry has a very apt metaphor of a stagnant pond. For me the remedy is to get the river flowing again to clear out the muck. This is a 2 step process. As Terry states, first realize you're stuck in the pond, or use the Serenity Prayer of wisely accepting your situation. The second step is when you proactively work to clear up the logjam and get the water flowing again per Covey's 1st highly effective habit. Then gradually you gather momentum to clear up the quagmire! This has worked for me when you're stagnant the situation seems murky and complex.