Monday, February 15, 2010

Taxing Times Again

Are you facing taxing times? Certain times of the year are more difficult than others. For me, getting ready for taxes is always like having a big monkey on my back until the tax prep material is delivered to the CPA's office. 

I usually chunk my "tax" monkey into small bites. This makes the overwhelming project seem like a possibility. The last part or the "tail of the monkey" for me is adding up the charitable donations.  I guess I should be making something which is actually positive more so. But at least I know to chunk my monkey and take occasional breaks. Using a timer allows me to limit the "pain" of the process and also sets some specific time parameters for me to complete the task.

So what is all this to do about transitions? I think I need to take my own advice and put a positive spin on doing the difficult parts. Some things are just taxing. By acknowledging that we are likely one step forward toward completion.

So how do you deal with taxing times or tasks?


clairesgarden said...

well I have my daughter learning 'accounting' at college, hope she gets to put those skills to use!!
last time I asked an accountant for some advice he started his reply with 'well I'm not a very good acountant.....'
I had to laugh!

Susan said...

My husband does the hard work of taxes. It's hard to write a check if that's required. But, I think I'm the only person who actually thinks taxes are the greatest value of all time. I could pay more and still think it's the deal of a lifetime.
Libraries, roads, schools, old people taken care of, Haiti relief, police, defense, public parks. I could go on and on ....

Fred said...

I think the secret is to marry someone who likes tax preparation, keeping records, balancing checkbooks, and other such fascinating but mindnumbing activities. In my case, I married well, because my wife enjoys doing taxes! For that I am very merry! I never stress about tax time at all. Without her, though, I'd be in Hades when the tax man cometh. It's been sort of an unintentional but most fortuitous delegation of duties.