Friday, February 19, 2010

Unproductive Times Again

This is a repeat post - but it is one that I think truly needs to be remembered and put out there again and again. So it's time to check in and see if you or your clients are in an Unproductive Phase of Life

While working towards being productive is taking a step in the right direction. Working on being organized and expecting magnificent and tangible results are unrealistic during certain phases or periods of time. I think it helps us to acknowledge when we are in these unproductive times. This acceptance of the situation makes us or the client calmer and more relaxed. This new state of mind then sets the foundation for future productivity efforts.

Know to identify the Unproductive Phases of Life
Having a child in ½ day kindergarten and being the designated driver to pick up and drop off

Those 2 – 3 days waiting for definitive biopsy or health test results

Your third trimester during pregnancy

During a home remodeling project

A parent having 3 children under age 5

Immediately 1 – 12 months after having surgery

A new parent having just born or adopted a child

The year you handle a family, friend or relatives estate

The first 6 months to 9 months after a move

Six months to two years after the breakup of a significant relationship

Serving as primary caretaker to a chronically ill or declining family member

The year following the death of a loved one or friend 

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Fred said...

I think Terry is very much correct in saying these periods after major life events can be "unproductive" in the way we normally think of that term. But such events can also allow us to slow down and reexamine and better understand our priorities or even engage in activities that are seemingly unproductive, like read a book. For example, I had a final paper in this education class. There was no way I was going to get it done by the due date since I chose to go on a weekend trip rather than do it. However, on the trip I suffered an accident where I detached the bicep tendon to my arm and needed surgery; my right arm was in a cast for a few months (and I am right handed). I got an unlimited extension to complete the paper! I was in-between jobs and had nothing to do except walk the dog, work on this paper, and write left-handed with a cathartic stream-of-conciousness style in a morning pages journal (that is recommended in the excellent book, The Artists' Way by Julia Cameron, to undo writer's block). Fortunately no one could read my left handed soul-bearing scribble. I got fascinated with the subject, "Artificial Neural Networks" and wrote what amounted to a book on the subject (it was only supposed to be a term paper!), and my dog Emma sure appreciated 3 hour walks on the American River Parkway! After my arm recovered, I got a job and returned to workday grind, but the unproductive period for me was a godsend where I got to slow down, relax and reset priorities.