Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Feeling Rusty and Dented

Looking to feel shiny and new? Yet, instead, are you finding yourself feeling rusty and dented? Here are some past posts to start the shine and push out the dents.

Take little steps towards your future 

Look elsewhere

Seek to enjoy all things

Get your creativity cooking

Keep calm and carry on

Being positive in a negative world

Listen to grow

Get ready to be ready 

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Fred said...

Terry's past blog that I really enjoyed was Seek to Enjoy All Things, especially her reference to the most amusing, highly insightful, and very offbeat blog of Professor Ernie Tuck, "Collect and Connect to the Good Stuff". Usually when think about the concept of collecting, we think of collecting tangible "things" - be it books, stamps, coins, you name it. In addition, the "good life" suggests wealth and luxury. But Prof Tuck has the exact opposite meaning in mind. Collect means mentally "collecting" ordinary ideas, images, conversations and experiences that are totally free (like a sunset) that aren't really so ordinary when you connect them to the good stuff, which is just your unique imagination. Furthermore, this type of collection creates zero clutter! By making connections to other concepts and associations, you become a wiser, more fulfilled, happy-go-lucky person. For example, Prof Tuck declared one day as "four some day." He collected everything he saw that had the number four or association of four to it, from his family to license plates, and by just simply pondering on his amassed collection of "4s", he made valuable insights and connections. In this way we can delight in collecting and connecting to the good stuff of life that's free and available to all, and truly - as Terry says - seek to enjoy all things!