Thursday, August 16, 2007

Clearing Out The Old Rolodex

Today I went through my kitchen Rolodex. It has been used less and less as I have become use to using my ACT software on my computer to look things up. It was a walk down memory lane with contractors for household services such as roof repair, painting and carpet cleaning.

It is amazing how in less than 15 years how much changes in the neighborhood. The closest Target at the time closed, and an even closer one opened. The local big box drug store changed hands three times - from a Payless to a Rite Aid to a Longs, Weinstocks changed to a Macy's, and the name of my children's pediatric practice changed. My card stack is now 1/5th the size.

I have still to go through my office Rolodex - the paper one that occasionally brings extreme excitement when my computer freezes up and I have to look up a phone number "manually". The joy of easy access...the visual thrill of seeing lots of contacts.

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