Thursday, August 16, 2007

Remote Island ... Very Remote

It seems to me when we are going through the passage of change, we often want to run away. Run away to somewhere remote.

A month back I was catching up with family friends and was told about the remote Island of St. Helena. One of their daughters has had a government assignment there for several years. This island is only accessible by boat at this time and it takes about five days to get there. There is however another short cut (if you can arrange it - it is very complicated) and that is to fly to Ascension Island and then take a 2 day boat trip from there.

It was interesting to visit Google Earth and locate both islands. St. Helena of course was the 2nd and final place Napoleon was exiled to. Look in the South Atlantic. Happy searching.

This of course led me to other pondering and I came across the 1000 day sail - maybe the most intentionally planned remote sail. See their web blog at

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