Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Driving on the Other Side of The Road

July was the month my family and I drove 1580 miles on the left side of the road. Traversing England, North and South was an interesting journey of different road signs, roundabouts and frequent - maybe too frequent - periods of time hearing When possible please make an authorized U-Turn. Our Hertz Never Lost(R) took a while to get use to - but then became a new crutch in this adventure. We had of course a complete supply of maps and many many printed pages of Map quest driving directions. These were only occasionally looked at as we began to trust the Never Lost. We have heard many stories of how Never Lost has taken drivers into fields and of course horror stories of these misadventures. But I was grateful for our Never Lost because it was the one who made navigational mistakes not I, not my husband. We had someone else to blame, scold or admonish. Ah what a wonderful thing - that Never Lost.

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