Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Taking off The Watch

For the last two months I have experimented with not wearing a watch. I have been a slave to "a watch" since the age of 11 when I first started to wear my silver and gray leather strapped Timex. Over the years I have transitioned through many others, several gold metal banded Seiko's, a black leather strap gold faced Hamilton and a silver strapped diamond accented dressy one.

This summer was the year of the fading white narrow band of skin that had adorned my wrist since the age of 11. Some how I made do. After all, my car has a clock, my computer and cell phone also have means of accessing the time. So I made it through the last two months without missing an appointment or deadline. My wrist, now fully tanned, looks good. The only thing I haven't got use to is not turning my head to the left to check the time. I image over time I could give that head turn up.

Will I continue this experiment? I don't think so - but I might wear my watch less now. Using it only for client appointments and days when I have lots of timed deadlines.

Why is it however when people retire they often get given a clock or a watch? I'll let you ponder that a while.

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