Friday, August 24, 2007

Hip vs. Hipsters

The Beatnik Days are long past, but the Hipster Days are now midway to the end of being done.

I came across these three hipster featuring You Tube's - which can catch you up if you have missed this cultural time period.

The Hipster Olympics

This one really nails the style, some of the interests and activities. It is campy but worth your time.

The Hipster Project

Irony, big words, and dry wit. The beginning gets more points than the ending but overall a nice piece of docudrama - mockumentary.

From the Hip
Bounty hunter goes after the Hipster.

So what does this have to do with transition you may ask? I write this as Hipster Days are past their prime. After all, Hipsters must be in decline if this former suburban soccer mom can understand it. Now it can no longer be quite as hip.

Does this mean changes and transitions in the neighborhood - Williamsburg, Brooklyn?

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